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renegade health
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ready? Set... LIVE

The time is NOW! Now is all we have! Tomorrow is a fantasy!
I have been teetering on what my joy in life is. I know that my calling is to create the BEST FOOD on the planet with the BEST Ingredients. Teetering between 99 and 100% PURE, LIVE and Vegan. Today, NOW I am committing myself to keeping the faith. The answers have been given, it is clear as is has been for almost 6 yeasr now that eating FOOD is the best thing for any living spirit in a physical body. OF course there is alwasy an exception to the rule. Jashumeen, thus far you are the only living example of this exception, at least that I am aware of.

So now is the time to share what I have been given to share with our human family. LOVE! I love all living creatures large and small, human and insect. Here is a brief outline of the overall DREAM scape I see building around me.

For a few years now I have been building a collaborative effort of live food chef's. Mostly I have been living in my head and medicating numbing out from the overwhelming feeling of responsability. So to be a true leader I must live what I know, and share what I live. The purpose of the collaborative is to provide healthful options at the lunch line in schools. We have a few schools in the Sacramento area ready to jump on board. Now all else will fall in to place. Food, Funds and Family!

What is the primary goal? Start by making 300 meals a day. Get the ingredients, fuel, packaging and labor donated for our pilot program. The schools who participate in the program get the total amount of the sale to apply toward health education and school garden interactive programs.

Secondary goal! Increase the # of lunches sold each day by 20% annually until each school in surrounding areas hit peak. Starting with Charter, semi-private and private schools. The cost of food production and distribution is to be subsidised by; a.) donation from local farmers 2nd's b.) 20% of 1/4ly profits from all Collaborative LLC venues c.) Fundraisng by NPO for the school lunch program d.)volunteer hours worked by parents and caring community members at the central kitchen and/or farm.

There is much work ahead mostly organizing and completing the actions for the plan ahead. We will seek corporate sponsorships, and angel donations of time and money are all priceless. The e-mail set up on our website is So that anyone sho has love of anykind to share with our group effort it an be directed there.
All for now!
Will keep a post going as often as there is a thought or progress to share. Foremost, Thank You for all th elove and support which has brought us to this point of living in this tiem of Now so many inspirations of LOVE!

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