renegade health

renegade health
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Monday, October 24, 2011

New format launch!

Hello everyone! Friends. Family. Newcomers.

While my writing has been rather sparse & sporadic these last few years, I am now entering a calm zen space in my life. One where the turmoil of the world is no longer playing such a huge part on my daily psyche (mental connection of spirit and body) battery charge. The influence of the turmoil will be present in these writings to come. Our human evolution depends on the intelligent conscious minds to create what our world can be like.

I see that peaceful space where a lion and a lamb can wander in a field together. I know we can find that peace within ourselves and bring it out into the world. It's contagious! The more learn how to live with what blessings our home has from our Creator. I am grateful to each of you for your thoughts and comments and the sharing of your life experiences which will help others to grow from the darkness we all unknowingly hide in. Anything can be a Distraction Drug or a Disease. How we use the tools we are blessed with changes their inherent energy expression. It all comes back to LOVE.

I love the fact that I can grow my own food. I am grateful to understand the palatal potentials of many foods. I am grateful to learn and play with all the creations we are blessed with.

SO, This week marks one of the final email blasts. I have realized that I can accomplish the same goals with using only a blog. The intention- share the most helpful health information available. Old and new. The older information is so much fun to learn from. Our intuitions and what we were doing a hundred years ago would negate the need for our current status quo. On the positive side we have learn a great deal to benefit humanity so if need be we can perform some amazing life saving surgeries. Well, I hope and pray that all you find here will assist you or some one you know find information which will forever shift a perspective and open realization to the infinite potential of one human being experienced by the spirit you are. I believe the more we seek to listen to that spirit inside of us the more we will know how to live our daily lives as God would love to see us shining His light in the lives of others.

My dear friend Kevin Gianni, whose information I will regularly share links to, is doing just what I believe he was called to do. Dig Dig Dig. There is SOOOOOOO much information out there. Where is The Truth?  Often the challenge in seeking out the Truth anyone has to offer you is to peek through the ego presenting it.

So, in this life I am joyful to dig though all the information I come across from my own diligent searching for knowledge.

I am stopping this post and publishing where I am now. I will continue writing here asap!

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