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Monday, November 1, 2010

Kombucha the Sea of Love!!!

Kombu (Sea) Cha (Life)!

In recent times many have experienced frustrating moments in search of the mama Love!
Anyone looking for the familiar GT's or High Country in the stores, may have found only a peculiar Dairy brand version sold, another version in a plastic bottle or nothing. Fortunately, Honest T has come to the rescue!

The quality has stepped up a notch! Superb flavor combination's to boot!

However that fantastic experience comes with a new heftier price tag.

So, anyone with 20 minutes to labor with Love can brew a gallon or more at a time. Not long ago, kombuccha was bit of a secret and internet prices claimed as much as $20 or more for a couple little pieces of dried "scobee" (the starter)

Now that kombucha is so widely available you can have a starter for a less than $10 and taste the craft before deciding to brew arm loads of it. Kombucha is a labor of Love and it exponentially increases it's flow as you make more. Each batch will yield your gallon plus the capacity to create hundreds more batches. So... there is plenty to share with friends and family.

Here is the basic recipe:

2 Gallon stainless steel pot
1 gallon glass jar- wider mouth is better
old t-shit
produce Rubber bands


Boil for 5 minutes-
1 1/4 gallon clean water
1/2 Cup sugar - beet sugar seems to work best (if it does not say cane sugar it is beet sugar no need to pay for organic expensive sugars here. The organisms will consume any toxic elements that may be present before the brewing is done.

Steep 10-20 minutes
10 tea bags - at least 6 black tea and your choice of additional flavored teas

allow to cool to room temperature 4-6 hours or more

pour into jar and add the Kombucha Mama

Cover jar with a piece of T-shirt and fasten with rubber bands

Kombucha is a Living Loving organism. She Loves air and sunshine. She will grow well in a loving environment filled with laughter and joyful music. Great places to watch her grow include a windowsill, counter or a table top.

If you need a scobee call 916.572.6010 we will get you one if there are none to be found. We also have Jun which is very similar to Kombucha just slightly different strains of organisms and they like honey as Kombucha does not propagate with raw honey.

*** Holiday Gift Idea ****

2 oz baby food jar or similar with the recipe, a scobee and and Tea bags to with it. Next step up would be to include a 1 gallon wide mouthed jar to go with it!

Please feel free to share your Kombucha sharing experiences with pictures and stories of how you feel after starting your Sea of Life!

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