renegade health

renegade health
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I am here!




To heal all, I am here.

Reaching, Seeking, Sharing, Loving, Being, Lighting 00 for all I am here.

Self is less than the sum of all.

All is Love!

Decision to maintain is Solid. My Word is my bond. I am here to Lead and Live by Example. I am here, reaching to all I can seeking the arm upreached fumbling for the Love to be had for all. Confirmed, all thoughts are GOoD. Affirmed in the writing , sharing of all who are here, this is The way into Light. I am here to play my part, why play small? The Love of Life is 00 always to be had by all who will accept what is here. I am here to show all who seek the light I am as are we all in this eternal joy.

Gratitude fills my heart always for the way has been led by many a great Angel Heart. My Lord is My Savior, My Christ in My Universe

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