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renegade health
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Monday, January 31, 2011

School Lunch resources....

Are You Ready to make the plunge?

Take a stand for Truth and what is Right!

I am excited to share with you some ideas, thoughts and resources:

The idea! Grow food for our children. We have hundreds of acres barren land with clean soil that is ripe and ready for planting covering our great valley, urban and suburban alike. Do you know someone who owns land? Do you own fallow land? I am overwhelmed with this great vision of a sustainable food system which provides nutritious options to our children. As we connect and build our network the big job will get smaller and easier!!! If you have ideas thoughts or suggestion son how we are going to accomplish any of the million of tasks to be accomplished please call 916.572.6010 or e-mail If you have the desire to help play in the dirt there is much to be accomplished and your time will be well appreciated and used.


* So much to do and a Full life ahead to accomplish them all in!!!
This is The new perspective. Of course it would be great if everything was perfect Now! But then what would we strive to accomplish with this life?

** Prayer is The answer! Calm spirit makes for a more functional day. Each day as I awake I do the best I can to keep to the plan for what "needs" to be accomplished. More recently, I have learned how to truly let go and Let God. Even now as I am writing, Storage needs to be moved, appointments need to be set, household chores need to done. Focusing now on just sharing a few words that are calling to be released.

*** Every time a person ignorantly choose to purchase "Food" like substances that have known harmful effects, a crime is being committed on that person.


You are a resource of Joy, Health and Wealth.

Jaime Oliver

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