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renegade health
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Calling to all ...

*** New Book set for E-release Early 2013!!! ***

Divine Desserts 
- A simple, "How to" guide for creating: Fun Fabulous Feats and Quick Dynamic Treats

I am looking for a few more recipes to complete the Divine purpose of this inspirational compilation. There are 10 spots left!!!

Would you enjoy being published?

If you answered "YES!" Please take a minute to answer a few questions which, so many people ask. 

Can you tell us your story in 500 or so words?

+ OO + oo + OO + oo + OO +

"How RAW are you?"

"How long have you been doing this?"

When and Where did you start your Raw curious adventures? 

What inspired you to experiment with your food supply?

How have Living foods changed your life?

Who inspires you most?

+ OO + oo + OO + oo + OO +

To enter your  Divine Dessert recipes from "Now & Then" for possible inclusion please share your story answering all the questions above. 

Include your favorite Dessert recipe from "Then", when you first started exploring the world of REAL FOOD.  "Now", what is your current all-time Fave? 

Original recipes only will be published. If someone else has inspired you please share that recipe with proper credit.

1st Inspirational Addition to
Divine Desserts 

 Walnut pecan crumble layered with bananas and blueberries topped with strawberry date syrup...a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla bean powder! All organic and made with love! ♥

Thanks for the tantalizing picture!

Please e-mail your 2 favorite Dessert recipes to:

Subject: Divine Recipe

Entries must be received Soon!
02 29 2013 Live Line!

Remember to share this post with anyone you know who may have an inspirational dessert or story to share.

Detox with Dessert!

Friday, September 14, 2012

To BE Vegan or Not to be TOO Vegan?

Choices... Choices... Choices!

Life is filled with so many choices. What we eat is just one of millions of choices we must face daily. When I am asked about my choices in culinary delight, one question is "How long have you been 'RAW'?" To which I respond, "I have never been cooked or else I could not be talking with you now." To be "cooked" one must be deceased!

I believe it is the choice of what we say and how we react in life that has the greatest impact on our outlook and therefore our health. Therefore conscious awareness of where our food supply comes from is second to how we view our choices.

More choices... coming soon! Check back in a moment...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 Easy Tips for a Blissful Relationship | Love

Ok, We are off to a good start for this year. Two articles worthy of noting and sharing. Part of the Living Food (RawL[iving] life is treating our significant the way we wish to be treated. Some of the most crass mistakes in a relationship I have witnessed left my stomach in a knot. My own mistakes have rendered me awestruck. Now on to the loving...

12 Easy Tips for a Blissful Relationship | Love +

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The 7 foods experts won't eat | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine

I love it when I can find a tid bit of the Truth. You know the truth when you know it. 2 or more solid testimonies with clear eyes and full disclosure. IT's great to have knowledge which allows us to make a more educated decision. Hence the entire purpose of this blog.  Seek and Find Truth. Knocking and asking as many, right questions as we can come up with.

Do I wish Live Well? Yes!
Do I wish to fulfill my purpose? Yes!
Can my body function effectively when I am hindering it? No!

So it is, the journey continues. Fun exploring food flavors and making this The best year of your life forevermore!

The 7 foods experts won't eat |

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The BEST Blue Green Algae

The BEST Blue Green Algae
Straight from the source

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