renegade health

renegade health
Kevin Rawks it!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mardis Gras Madness at High Tower Cafe O2 Life Source

The Menu:

Dessert: Find Baby Jesus in Our tRAWditional colorful King Cake

Appetizer: Spinach Balls and cream dip

Soup: Sea Garden Gumbo

Salad: Garden Delights with tangy Tomato Herb Dressing

Entree: RAWmbalaya Stuffed Peppers

Drink: Mint Julep with sweetened Kombuccha and Fresh mint

The Joy!

Come out to enjoy our wild food fantasies come to life. Bring a Friend, a Sister or a Brother save $10 in pairs. $35 per person or $60 per pair.

Bring Your appetite as we create an abundance of flavor each week to tantalize Your Tastebuds. Are Your Taste Buds Ready to Dance?

Please as this is a fund raising event bring your own plates bowls etc and we will wash them for you after you are finished grazing.

Thank You for sharing your dreams and experience!

See You at O2!

702 Sutter St. Suite D. Folsom

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Eight Sides of RAW Chocolate LOVE!

Are YOU ready for this? Experience a RAW Chocolate Dinner! Saturday February 23
***Free Hot Yoga at 4p.m.*** High Tower LIVE' Cafe! Inside O2 Life Source Integrative Wellness CenterDinner begins at 6pm!

Yes, Chocolate!
Dessert- 1.Chocolate Cannoli rolled around 2.Chocolate Mousse with 3.Chocolate Whipped Cream. and 4.Chocolate Shaving with Mint leaf.
Appetizer- Warm up with a 5.Chocolate Tamale and Spicy Mole' Sauce.
Salad of Radiccio, Crisp Romaine, Parsley With 6. Chocolate Spiced Pistacios.
Soup- 7. Creme of the Cacao with Coconut Maca and light spice.
Entree' Butternut squash noodles marinated and warmed with Sun Dried Tomatoes and 8.Cacao Marinara Wilted tender spinach with Organic Shiitake and Organic Oyster Mushroom from Dragon Mushrooms and caramelized onions.

The drill... Bring a friend or a sister. A soul-mate or a brother. Come out to experience the Pure Love as we explore unforeseen territory and embark on the greatest adventure ever. Come test your limits for unbound energy! Discover why this plant is revered as Food of the Gods.

As we gather in 2's the requested donation is $60. For any single person who is gracing us with their presence we request $35. We always create an abundance of food so please bring your appetite and honest voice for sharing your experience as we grow together on this adventure of Life!

Please bring your own plates and cup etc as this event is to raise funds for the collaborative efforts. These projects include producing food for schools as a subsidized program from the community efforts to provide quality Organic Wholesome Food to school age children. WE are opening the doors as a full service catering company with several retail outlets who will soon carry our products including our favorites. Your direct feed back from all food you taste is priceless and is always a Joy to hear.

Your generous contributions and comments are the building block of our foundation, community for the people by the people.

We will wash your wares when you are finished grazing on The Best Chocolate Experience ever!

Call 916.370.6100 to RSVP your spot. Limited to the first 40 people!

Saturday February 23, 2008 at o@ Life Source
702 Sutter St. Folsom CA (Map Link)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HIgh Tower @ O2 Live Fund raising event

After Valentines Sweet Family Celebration!
This week we will enjoy a LIVE creation as Your dinner is pre-pared before your very eyes!
Enjoy learning how to make these quick and dynamic foods. Then take home the recipes for your personal play-time. WE believe that food should be simple, delicious and Fun to make. Come learn many Master Chef Skills to make the Art of Food a snap!

The Menu

Dessert: Coconut Macaroons- Creamy sweet decadent will take you to a new level!

Appetizer: Sweet and tangy Autumn Rolls with a meaty walnut pate' sprouts and fresh marinated vegetables.

Soup: Tantalizing Smokey Butternut Squash Soup

Salad: Blood Orange Vinaigrette over Herb n' winter greens.

Entree': Wild mushroom Fajitas with guacamole and sour Mac-cream

The Protocol...
as this is a fund raising event we ask you to bring your plates, bowls etc we will wash them for you. (When the cafe finally opens it will be a take out only until Summer months when we intend to add outdoor seating.)
Please feel free to bring a water bottle with you to fill up with the dynamic O2 water for your trip home.

The Deal!
$35 per person or $60 per pair

The Place: o2 Life Source (Map Link)

The Time: Free Hot Yoga starts at 4pm!
Dinner FUN begins at 6pm!

Look forward to seeing You there!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Fund Raising Event at O2 - Thai FOOD!

Hoot RAW! Another notch in the proverbial belt of progress.
We are celebrating this week with a tour of Thailand. Yummy exotic fruits and soups to dance on your taste buds.

Thailand Tour - The menu!

Dessert - Thai coconut Cannelloni stuffed with Sweet Vanilla Macadamia Cream Cheese

- Spring rolls stuffed with marinated vegetables and a sweet and tangy dipping sauce

Soup - Curried coconut with Kelp noodles, peppers, basil and crisp cucumer

Salad - Green papaya salad marinated and piled with fresh herbs

Entree' - Pad Thai "spiralized" cucumber noodles with marinated snowpeas, basil and chilies in a coconut cream curry base

Beverage Warm Thai Spiced Tea with coconut cream

As this is a fund raising event we ask that you bring your eating utensils plates and cups. We will wash them for you before you depart.

Thank You for sharing your dreams with us as we bring this great service to our community!

The requested donation is $35 per person or $60 per pair. As always there is plenty of food so bring your appetite!

See YOU there!

RSVP 916.370.6100

The BEST Blue Green Algae

The BEST Blue Green Algae
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