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renegade health
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Find Out Why These People Never Get Sick (Free Videos)

There are a lot of diet opinions out there...

I'm sure you've heard people say that the vegetarian diet is a fad or a stage that people go through.

You may have also heard that eating meat can be dangerous to your health as well.

It's kind of confusing to hear all the back and forth with diet.

So the big question is who's right?

Are there some experts who are on the right track and others who have missed the mark?

It can get pretty confusing.

If you are confused or curious, I want to share two awesome videos from Dr. J. E. Williams with you. He's sometimes called the "Indiana Jones" of natural medicine and is going to share some of his 40 years of experience with indigenous people around the world.

In his work, he’s identified a few variables that determine how long a person lives - you may be surprised at what they are.

These videos are free for you to listen to right now as part of a free online event called The Great Health Debate.

To get the videos, all you have to do is go to the page below, sign up for the event and you’ll be emailed these videos to view right away...

The Great Debate

When you sign up to get your videos, you’ll also be enrolled for free to The Great Health Debate which is an online event that features some of the top experts on the subject of diet.

During the event, these experts will discuss their hands on experience with patients and clients and share what works to help you slim down and feel better about your body.

Some of the experts included were:

- Dr. Joseph Mercola
- Dr. Gabriel Cousens
- Dr. Joel Fuhrman
- Jonny Bowden
- Dr. Robert O. Young
- Donna Gates
- David Wolfe
- T. Colin Campbell
- Sally Fallon
- And more!

Maybe it will help you live into your 90’s and 100’s too!

Some of the topics that were covered were:

- Is meat nutritionally good or bad?

- Can you eat vegan or raw and still be healthy?

- Are dairy products incredible elixirs or heart clogging sludge?

- What diet did our ancestors really eat?

- Are we able to live on a vegan or raw food diet based on the technology we have today?

- What fat soluable vitamins and nutrition are in animal products that are essential to life? (And if you're a vegan, how to get them...)

- Are fermented foods good for you, or do they break down the body even more?

- Why is there so much mis-information and disagreement between health and diet experts?

- What about carbs, or fruit, or any other food... what is OK to eat and what is not?

- Plus, many, many more!

I hope you take advantage of this wealth of knowledge now while it's still at a great price!

Here's where you can

They'll also share what doesn’t work with their own clients, so you can learn from their experience and only do the things that get your results.

There's never before been a collection of experts like this so be sure to be a part of this unique, online educational experience.

So to get your videos on longevity and living into your 90’s and 100’s disease free, all you have to do is follow the link here, sign up and you’ll be emailed your videos...

The Great Debate

Once the event is over, be sure to let me know what you think!

Chef Richard

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yoga Seed Collective

Wow! What a great return to practice.

I have been away from any real yoga beside my morning 2 minute stretch for more time than I wish to quantify. Definitely felt the stretch today. Morgan Rawks! Great flow, great caring attention to the individual practicing.

Hope you get a chance to check it out.

The best thing is that it is not overpriced like every other studio I have ever attended. So please come out and show your support so Yoga Seed can Thrive for an eternity!

Hope to see you there!


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