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renegade health
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Absentee Parenting and Healthful influences

I am the joyful, yet ever distant parent of Three beautiful children. Each of them is dear to me. The youngest my two daughters were eating pure food on a daily basis for most of their young lives until mom and I separated. The youngest, Xyla had not experienced more than a mild nose drip after visiting family in the beautiful countryside. The air, usually clean however frequently dusty,the dirt infested with animal waste bacteria. Great for building the immune system! Now that I do not have daily control over their food ingestion choices, stuffy noses and "colds" are a weekly experience. Family, brainwashed by the popular media misconception of high animal protein intake and what ever is the current fad of bad this or that.

This week while spending intended quality time with my eldest, my son Mathew as I see him choosing to ingest a popular selection of quick foods which are common in most homes in our great US of A. I remembered that knowledge is power and since I appreciate my son's life and love him with all my being,I asked him to take note of every ingredient in each item he chooses to eat that day. At the end of the day we would look up each ingredient and learn what the known effects of each item are.
This created a great ruckus of confusion and frustration. Not the intended outcome! Now, family has their guard up and terror is on the horizon! This was supposed to help give power to him. This would give him the opportunity to never say, as he had the day previous after eating piles of sugar coated snacks, "Ugh! I am sick! I do not feel good!"
After it is all said and done I appreciate all involved for doing their best! So, I will continue with the mission I have been given in this life following the dreams which visit me nightly. Calling daily on the strength of my Lord to trek forward expressing my undying love for my children in every action!
Live well! Eat to LIVE. "Live Long and Prosper"
Always, seeking to Live in the Light with Charity and Humility as Love and Liberty are keys of PURE JOY!

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