renegade health

renegade health
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Monday, April 21, 2008

WOW! Overwhelmed with JOY!

Thank You Family each of you who are participating actively in our Collaborative Efforts to put FOOD into schools. This is our Soul Purpose in creating the Chef's Collaborative. We seek to participate in creating abundant health in all who seek as we do the Light that burns within each of us.
That Light in My Life is Christ my Elder Brother. He showed me the way I wish to live my life. I wish to give always of my self to all who will ask. I am free with myself and can drain. I am overwhelmed with Joy from the responses in the foods you have tasted.
The goal is making our foods save You time and Money. WE can make as much or as little food as you need to feed you or 8 of You. We Love to cater our foods for your special occasions. Weddings, Corporate, Religious Holidays.

I always appreciate it when I find another human being I can hold the highest respect to. I appreciate the Joy that is shared at this link.

NOTE: We have our First & Second official Synergy Chef Trainees.

Do you wish to Master the art of Food?

Come Learn Kewl tricks used in a commercial kitchen. Cut time and Save $$

For all Collaboraive members, work 16 ours each month for owners mark up 10% and 25% off all orders of prepared food items. Meals included during internship. If you seek to create a "Job" doing what you LOVE, come play with the Collaborative. All Lifetime members are invited to participate at our dessert tasting, Sponsored by:(TBA)

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