renegade health

renegade health
Kevin Rawks it!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow! Overwhelming... Joy!!!

Thank You everyone who participated in our 2nd Saturday Festivities in December!!! We Love the excited energy around the service to our Community! I am grateful to be of service as this project develops and flowers into it's visualized potential.
We are here to be the Difference!
We are here to serve our family!
We are here living life in the heart of our creator.
We are not perfect!
We are dedicated of taking care of those in our stewardship!

This last week's experiences totaled up to a calm and collected Joyful experience.

Life Happens!
Things Happen!

When thing unexpected happen find the Best way to look at it.

I am grateful to know there is always another spirit in this life I am capable of providing service to.

No matter how "Big" a deal an experience is, there will always be another in a situation whose life I could positively affect with my interaction and love.

All that is here on this Earth belongs to the creator. That which we perceive to own truly own us if we try to claim it.

This last week as responsibility for this for completing tasks became too much for the 2 chef's alone and not enough help was scheduled. All the food we had planned to give to You our family sat in our coolers prepared yet not finished. So we shared what we had ready, and sampled what we had available.

We experienced mechanical failures as well as time management. I double booked my time! I did NOT factor in that my daughters would be present for the time to finish all the food. Brooke was booked by her now previous employer, We all need some sleep even if only 2-4. Making the BEST Food on the planet takes a LOT of Time and dedication!!!

The Love that goes into making the almond cheese alone is recorded for over 10 hours of CHEF time. Wait til YOU taste this...

So, The Long and Short...

We have a long exciting road ahead of as we plan for the development and production of multiple communities centers in multiple cities. We have a national and global mission to spread the Love of Light and Truth! We love to hear your Truths. This the building of our community and I am blessed and grateful for this charge to share my love for life.

These past 6 months I have run this facility as a place for friends and family to gather. I am grateful for the organized management skills which Brooke has and brings to the team. This means that my Big Crazy dream I see everyday is getting organized and You are invited to play on our team.

If you have always dreamed of making a difference in the world sharing your passionate strengths please send your resume and an email telling us about your vision of a beautiful world to

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time flies...

Spring has Sprung and now Summer is upon us!

What a joy it is to share the passion of creative foods...

Pure Joy has new ownership ans still carries our Chocolates and desserts, The Art of Food has opened celebrating it's 3rd week with Pan Pacific foods. Finally I have started my personal blog to share my Health Journey with the world, is just getting started.

Thank You to everyone for all your love and support building this big crazy dream. Look forward to sharing and learning more from each of your radiant spirits.

Joyfully in service to our community!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for a celebration!

Oh the Joy that Is Life!

2009 is here and feel like the last 20+ years have been a blink in a big crazy Dream!

It Feel Good to see the Collaborative Growing into the new year and celebrating 2 years of Joy!

The Economy being on the brink has really shed light on the value Food! Knowing where your food comes from and getting the most for your $$ Supporting our Local Economy comes to light. We live our lives buying what we want based on the pitches of consumer madness! Lost to our True Human Spirit and Purpose.

Speaking of Growing...

Anyone having the desire to participate at any level of Food Growing is welcome to send mail to farm(at) We have a 5 acre parcel in the N SAC, Elverta area made available for the use of our food production. Many trees off the 5 acres already started all virgin land.

I urge everyone to take a moment to vote for Healthful food in schools.

If the lines close before you vote check it out and think about the BEst Food in every school accross america. The time for Change is NOW!

The BEST Blue Green Algae

The BEST Blue Green Algae
Straight from the source

Living Nutrition