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renegade health
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where we Shop!

The Joys of Life!
Today was the best shopping trip!

The aroma of the Fresh Tomatoes and peppers truly grabs my senses. This is this time of year I love the most! Forget about Birthdays. I appreciate seeing the smiles of familiar faces sharing what they love.
These are my favorite places to exchange for the Best Local produce! I feel blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to support local quality produce. I believe that the vote We do with our dollar is The most important one we do everyday.

The Farmers Market on Wednesday is my favorite only because the largest one is on Sunday.

Here are some of our favorite farmers with web sites.

Patrick's Mountain
He has the widest selection of Organic Food grown with Love.
Best Blueberries!

Soil born Farms
Marco and the family of interns grow the most beautiful array of Heirloom Tomatoes and sweet pungent garlic. Sticky Sweet!

Wood song Herbs
My favorite place to shop for medicinal and flavorful herbs. Ladies ask Steve the teddy bear about the one that looks like hemp.

Smit Orchards

We make the Best Green drinks using their crisp delicious apples and peaches. They also have incredible fresh frozen juice ready to drink! Sweet!

Olinda Ridge
The Best Local Olives Ever! Whether you Love brine and flavored or the simple Sun & Oil cure. Great prices for artisan quality products

See Ryan for sweet treats Delicious dried fruits sulfured and not sulfured not certified but clean and sweet. Ask him to use agave!

The BEST Blue Green Algae

The BEST Blue Green Algae
Straight from the source

Living Nutrition