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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MSM Bomb Recipe!

What is an "MSM Bomb!"??


1-2 Tbs OptiMSM from Ojio or local store. OptiMSM Clean! No heavy metals!
With a quartered whole Organic Lemon (Meyer's are my fave!)
Blended till it's creamy with 1/2 cup of Water and an 1/8 Tsp REAL Salt or Sea Salt
then mixed with an additional cup and a half of good clean water!

Why drink this slightly funky particularly bitter beverage?

Well for one it contains highly Bio-Available Sulfur.
This when employed in this fashion gives a Synergistic Super boost of Sulfur by combining with the benefits of the whole lemon you gain; Anti inflammatory, Anti-Bio tic, Anti Fungal, Anti Microbial & Antiseptic benefits.

How can this help? 

Many ways!

  • Congested? 
  • Have a sinus headache? 
  • Cold? 
  • Upset digestion? 
  • Need a quick detox?

My first experience with an MSM Bomb was profound! I released a large volume of mucus which had been lodged in my lungs unbeknownst to me, Smog and other pollutants had contributed to this nasty muck! In the morning after drinking one of these full recipes, "to my dome" at about 4 pm. I awoke earlier and clearer. Once I released that mess. I felt like I had not been breathing! I could take a REAL breath! Filled my lungs like normal but I experienced a hurricane of air entering!

Since discovering this phenomenon I have used warm water and added cayenne during periods where my throat was scratchy or dry, feeling nauseated from making a less than optimal food choice with ginger in the mix.

I recommend playing with this and asking your body what else it may want to add in. If you think of sweetening, stevia. No Sugar!!! Keep it Bitter! Bitter is better, hence the meyers have a fruitier fleshy flavor.

Have fun and enjoy learning for yourself how it benefits you!

For more of the research and other ways it benefits our hydrogen bio-engine (Your Body) and cellular mechanics, (Mind/Youth)

Love to read your comments and feedback of your MSM experiences!

Ciao 4 Now!!!

Chef Richard out!

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Unknown said...

Added potency to this powerful tool, eating raw garlic and mushrooms from the higher echelons of the mycelium family. Shiitake, maitake, lions main, morrels, oyster, or hedgehog to name a few.

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