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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chakra Toning! ~visit the colors of your rainbow~

Surprise! ~ Surprise! ~ Surprise!

Here we go for another incredible experience at O2!
Warming up, for spring is right around the corner!

So what's the deal? Well, we are celebrating our latest exploration into the Live foods world with the colors of the rainbow. Each color correspoding to a specific Chakra, participating in creating a harmonious balance. You are invited to celebrate with us the Joy that is Life!

Date: Saturday, March 8th 2008
Time: Hot Yoga at 4pm FREE for all event atendee's
Dinner usually begins around 6pm!

The Menu:


Goji Berry Tea


Shredded Carrot Surprise!


Savory Squash Soup


Marinated tangy and sweet!


Berries for sure! How about some short cake and cream!


Surprise you when you arrive!


Beet me up Scotty getting a little rooted!

In addition to the colors we will also offer sound healing using the "Holy Harmony" Tuning forks which create sounds that resonate with each aspect of your body. This sound healing has been developed by Dr. Len Horowitz. WEB SITE

So how does the night flow? Very well thank You for coming out to play with us! Explore the most unique healing center in Sacramento, for a small requested donation of $35 per person or $60 per pair you will have the opportunity to graze to your hearts content on the Best Live Foods in Sacramento. Our food is created by Our very own Synergy Chef Collaborative.

We are raising the funds to open the FIRST LIVE FOODS cafe in the valley, so please bring your joyful self along with your eating devices of choice, bowl and spoon plate and sticks or a fork. A cup and a bottle for the road. We are blessed with dynamic Alkaine water clean and pure ready to oxygenate your body!

We look forward to seeing YOU at O2!
702 Sutter St. Suite D Folsom CA

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