renegade health

renegade health
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wholesale First up and bench warmers!

For the Love of : Chocolate!!!

Chocolate assortments –


Nut Butter Cups (assortment)-

Coconut Mountains-

Coco Nutty Mountains-

Banana Bites-

Nutty Banana Bites (butter, whole nuts)

Macadamia – coconut – banana blasters!

Caramel – Nutty! date pecan (Raw Chocolate Love)

“XXX - Go round.” HOT! Habanero, Chipotle & spices (Add to anything we make)


Lavender & Vanilla

Orange & Almond

My Mint Madness

Hazelnut Cream

Pure & Clean

Bark Assortments:




“Pure Joy”

XX Dark (85% cacao)

Seasonal – (Truffle, Filled or Bark)

Hazelnut Pecan – Nog

*Cinnamon spice

Spring Mint

Summer Spice – (cayenne, candied lime, tamarind)

For the Love of: FOOD!

Savory items:


*Tortillas Soft 7” & 10”

Tortillas Crunchy

Taco Shells

Sandwich bread

Pizza Crusts

Snack items-


Seasoned nut mixes-



*Cinnamon Caramel

Chipotle Spice

Lemon Garlic herb

Tomato Orange Basil

Sunflower mixes-

*Indian Curry

Thai Coconut curry

*Synergy Spice

Synergy Sweet

*Plain Salted


*Eggplant Olive Tapenade

*Raw Raw: Ganouj

All Prices set to be at 10-20% below market to inspire a great flow of Food for a reasonable price to the people!

Joy be with you!

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