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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Here is one of many favorites, Check back for a collection in e-book format!

Cacao Pudding!

Makes 1 qt.

Original Recipe as published in
Fresh! The Ultimate Live-foods cook book
by Sergei & Valya Boutenko
** Healthful modifications below **
2 cups ripe avocado 4-5 medium (sweet and ripe)
¾-1 cup Raw cacao powder ( ~
1 cup “Real” Raw agave (from
1/2-1 Organic vanilla bean, scrape out caviar
1 Tbl Raw apple cider vinegar
pinch sea salt if desired
1/2-3/4 cup H2O

Equipment: Food processor, rubber spatula, a few taste testers

Place avocado in processor and pulverize
Add in vanilla, cider, salt and cream together. (should be smooth)
Add cacao powder and sweeten to hearts content
Chill and serve! Tastes Best after setting up 12 hours.

As with all recipes, THE BEST ingredients make the BEST finished products!
Experimental Fun!!!!

** To eliminate the Agave, tested options are:
-- substitute Honey straight across
-- blend 1/2 cup (packed)pitted dates or Raisins with 3/4 cup water
-- 1c Coconut Sugar in 1/2 cup water
-- Stevia (white flavorless variety) may be added to any sweetener combination to stimulate the perception of sweetness and keep the glycemic index lower.

As mentioned in the recipe we highly recommend using Ojio Agave because it has a higher inulin content

*** Other simple FUN things to do...

Spice it up!

Add a dash of cayenne some cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg
more Christmas like add a dash of clove or a drop of clove oil

Super Yumminess!!!

Caramel & Malt -
Add 2 Tbs mesquite powder & 1 Tbs Maca powder added and 1/4 c palm sugar.

Super food parfait

layer any combination of sliced bananas, soft goji berries, coconut whipped cream,

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